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Reclaim, Remain, and Rebuild

Everybody gains when residents of the poorest neighborhoods in the nation organize themselves to improve their collective fate. Last Saturday, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta (OOHA) and Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America organized for a second year a tour of the poorest communities of Atlanta to meet with community leaders and learn about resident struggles and actions. There was a lot to learn from these leaders: two pastors, a recovered drug addict, a retired State representative, a few home owners who successfully renegotiated the terms of their mortgage, and several activists, all of them residents of the neighborhoods we visited.

The next day, some activists known for their on-going effort to promote permaculture and food sovereignty in their community gathered to plant more seeds in the gardens of the Atlanta Preparatory Academy in Vine City.


Local residents enjoying facilities outside the Rick McDevitt Center.


Tour participants meeting with local activists in the Pittsburgh neighborhood outside the Community Ministry Christian Church.


Mixed picture of improving and deteriorating conditions in the Vine City neighborhood.


 Urban gardening at the Atlanta Preparatory Academy in Vine City.


 Echinachea growing in Vine City.


Radish in Vine City.


New seeds.


Kwabena N’kromo adding to the compost pile.


Wanda and Martha contributing to their neighborhood beautification and prosperity.


Atlanta Preparatory Academy students cultivating their community (May 2013)

2 comments on “Reclaim, Remain, and Rebuild

  1. helenofmarlowe
    April 24, 2014

    Inspiring. You led me to read more about Democratic Socialists of America. And great photos here.

    • Steve Osborne
      April 25, 2014

      Thank you. I particularly enjoy documenting the progress I’ve been witnessing in some parts of the most neglected neighborhoods.

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