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Permaculture Experts Gather in Vine City for Community-Building

Sally Mason and Anna Kelley from Occupy Atlanta invited long time activist Kwabena Nkromo to host a conversation about food democracy in Vine City. Kwabena’s involvement in creating community gardens dated from 2003 and constituted at his opinion the most unifying cause for activists desirying to create new models of wealth distribution and economic growth. Kwabena was also already involved in building gardens around the school where his son goes in Vine City. For our conversation, we gathered on an empty lot own by the church that was saved from foreclosure by Occupy Atlanta last December.

Some of the participants shared their experience with permaculture in countries where they lived, countries such as Ghana, France, Morocco and Canada. Others were local experts that had been actively involved in promoting sustainable growth for a long time. Also seen here on the pictures are MSgt James Vesterfelt (“Soaring Eagle”) and local farmer Susan Edgett.  As usual I spent some time speaking with Soaring Eagle who has a fascinating passion for what he calls “the most beautiful culture the world has ever known, back when the bisons were still roaming the plains and back when we shared a common culture instead of being linked by money only.” Soaring Eagle also makes his own clothes and most items he carries with him.

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4 comments on “Permaculture Experts Gather in Vine City for Community-Building

  1. Purenergy
    April 23, 2012

    Reblogged this on Purenergy Community Garden.

  2. educatingdiana
    April 23, 2012

    I am so glad to see us moving toward sustainability as a focus of our activism efforts. We must remain positive in view of the many obstacles we face, and this community garden is something that can really bring everyone together. Thank you for the interesting and positive post! Beautifully written with exquisite photos.

  3. leadpartner
    April 23, 2012

    Dearest Steve,

    This is an incredibly piece, with the one correction necessary for the spelling of my name (Kwabena “Nkromo”). Thank you for the kind words and amazing photographs. I look forward to being together again soon in community! – Kwabena

    • Steve Osborne
      April 23, 2012

      This is funny. I was in the middle of making the corrections while you were in the middle of notifying me of the error. I noticed the error after reading a post you wrote on MetroFarms page.

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