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Toward Sustainable Habits and Durable Prosperity

From Diana’s Dissertation Notes on Labor Organizing

“As Simon points out, that notion (common good) has faded away with the developments of the last several decades–things such as tax breaks for the rich, privatization of the public sector, the ghettoization of the city and suburb with things like gated communities, and the income disparity and depravities of neoliberal economic practice in the push toward globalization.”

new thoughts for a new year.

via new thoughts for a new year.

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This entry was posted on January 2, 2012 by in Movements for Change, Politics.

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Since 1995, just 10 percent of subsidized American farms -- the largest and wealthiest operations -- have raked in 74 percent of all subsidy payments. Yet, only a tiny fraction of the farm bill funding goes to programs that support healthy fruits and vegetables.
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