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Tactical Battles to Stay in the Park on a Regular Day of Occupy Atlanta

I was still in bed Saturday morning when I was told, “Occupy Atlanta is falling apart!”. Protesters occupying Woodruff Park (also know as Troy Davis Park now) had decided to accommodate the ‘Atlanta Hip Hop Concert’ by moving some of there tents out of the way. Some left with their tents, leaving others to think that they might not return and that the movement would start disintegrating, but the story I learned when I went to the park later that morning was very different. Not only was I to witness Occupy Atlanta’s spreading influence, but also it’s organic unity and the degree of sophistication at which tactical manoeuvres were quickly designed to respond to the latest City Hall tricks to expel them out of the park.

Revoked License

After organizers of the ‘Atlanta Hip Hop Convert’ event expressed support for ‘Occupy Atlanta’ and asked protesters for minimal concessions for temporarily conceading just enough space for the event, the City of Atlanta devised a tactic to punish both organizers of the concert and the Occupy Atlanta movement with exacting demands that, if unmet, would allow the City to order an evacuation of the park. Somewhere aroung 5:30 in the morning of the event the City announced that additional security was deemed necessary for the event and that the license they had obtained for that event was not valid anymore since it was now required to have it replaced by a new license costing several thousand dollars more. As an immediate consequence of that last minute decision from the mayor’s office, all the equipment for the concert was rushed away from the site to avoid confiscation but Occupy Atlanta quickly came up with a plan to avoid a cancelation of the event because somebody knew somebody somewhere who had the kind of equipment that was needed, and the number of available bodies to carry it being in great abundance, the movement was able to deliver what the concert needed.

Speakers provided by Occupy Atlanta

Speakers provided by Occupy Atlanta to avoid cancellation of Atlanta Hop Hop Concert.

Sonji Jacobs Dade giving interview for City of Atlanta

Sonji Jacobs Dade, Director of Communications at Office of Mayor Kasim Reed, is explaining why the City is planning on shuting down the concert.

Human Chain Against Confiscation of Equipment

Thus, ‘Atlanta Hip Hop’ became ‘Occupy Atlanta Hip Hop’ and the party started.

When at one point, members of the City Council approached the generator used to operate the equipment with the idea of confiscating it, a human chain was immediately formed around it with the kind of speed, unity and determination that sent a firm message that any attempt of confiscation would be met with strong resistance. Police arrived shortly after and the humain chain simply became thicker.

Police at Occupy Atlanta Hip Hop concert Human Chain Protecting Generator

The chain was still tight and solid when I left a couple of hours later and the police was never able to move in despite additional efforts from the mayor who later came to the park to negotiate with Occupy Atlanta leaders. The media reported hearing him screaming from the Police RV in which they were meeting but nothing came out of that meeting.

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  1. Grayson Gill
    October 31, 2011

    cool blog!

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